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Doctor    You Welcome to your whitsundays home doctor services
100% (Bulk Billed)

Best Time To Phone For Visit

Monday to Friday : 4pm to 6pm
Sat, Sun & Public holidays : Midday to 2pm

Phone lines remain open during visiting hours

Free Call 1800 Dr2You  1800 372 968 

Visiting Hours

Monday to Friday : 6pm to midnight
Sat, Sun & Public holidays : 2pm to midnight


We are also available from

Midnight to 8am Sunday to Friday and midnight Saturday night to 12 noon Sunday we do offer a "non" bulk billing service. Patients that wish to access the service may call after midnight every night. Please be advised a $400 fee applies, and credit card details are taken by reception staff prior to putting the call through to the doctor.

Compliments or complaints
Please contact our practice management team at

If your complaint can not be resolved, please contact the Office of the Health Ombudsmen on 133 646
for more information please download this practice information brochure PDF

Frequently Asked Questions
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Our after hours home visit doctor service is 100% MEDICARE BULK BILLED for patients with a current Medicare card or holding a Department of Veterans Affairs gold card.
To Book:  1800 372 968 
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